Tangent line area integral
Contemporary Calculus

Dale Hoffman
Bellevue College

A free on-line calculus text

Many of these materials were developed for the Open Course Library Project of the Washington State Colleges as part of a Gates Foundation grant. The goal of this project was to create materials that would be FREE (on the web) to anyone who wanted to use or modify them (and not have to pay $200 for a calculus book). They have been used by several thousand students.

The textbook sections, in color, are available free in pdf format at the bottom of this page.
Printed versions, in B&W, are available for Calculus I (chapters 0-3), II (chapters 4-8), and III (chapters 9-11) for about $18 each at Lulu.com.
Alternate printed versions reformatted in LaTex are available at CreateSpace.com and Amazon.com or free online at ContemporaryCalculus.com.

The links below are to pdf files. When you click on them, they will be downloaded to your computer. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them.

  • How to Succeed in Calculus
  • Advice from successful calculus students

  • YouTube Videos for Contemporary Calculus

  • Contemporary Calculus -- section by section

    Chapter 0 -- Review and Preview

    Chapter 1 -- Functions, Graphs, Limits and Continuity

    Chapter 2 -- The Derivative

    Chapter 3 -- Derivatives and Graphs

    Chapter 4 -- The Integral

    Chapter 5 -- Applications of Definite Integrals

    Chapter 6 -- Introduction to Differential Equations

    Chapter 7 -- Inverse Trigonometric Functions

    Chapter 8 -- Improper Integrals and Integration Techniques

    Chapter 9 -- Polar, Parametric & Conics

    Chapter 10 -- Infinite Series & Power Series

    Chapter 11 -- Vectors, Lines and Planes in 3D

    Chapter 12 -- Vector-Valued Functions

    Chapter 13 -- Functions of Several Variables

    Chapter 14 -- Double and Triple Integrals

    Chapter 15 -- Vector Calculus

  • Reference Facts: Trigonometry
  • Reference Facts: Derivatives and Integrals

  • Hoffman's Calculus classses
  • Dale Hoffman’s Home Page (background, experience, travel pictures)

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