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Math 151(was Math 124) Calculus I - Introduces the ideas of limits, derivatives and integrals. It includes techniques and applications of derivatives of algebraic and transcendental functions, and it begins the concept of an antiderivative. Prerequisite: MATH 142(120) or "B" average in 4 years of high school mathematics.
Math 152(was Math 125) Calculus II - Continues the study of integration and emphasizes applications and specialtechniques of integration. Transcendental functions are included. Prerequisite: MATH 151(124).
Math 153(was Math 126) Calculus III - Emphasizes the study of infinite sequences and series including power series. It includes plane analytical geometry, graphing in polar coordinates, and an introduction to vectors. Prerequisite: MATH 152(125).
Math 254(was Math 227) Several Variable Calculus - Extends the concepts of calculus to vector-valued functions and functions of several variables. Partial derivatives are included. Prerequisite: MATH 152.
Math 255 Vector Calculus - Course topics include multiple integration, line and surface integrals and the theorems of Green, Gauss and Stokes with applications. Conservative vector fields and change of variables in special coordinate systems will be included. Prerequisite: Multivariable Calculus. Prerequisite: MATH 254.

  • Bellevue School District Advanced Calculus 1999-2006

  • Bellevue School District Differential Equations 2006-2010

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